Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Sarah Palin is an IDIOT! A moron! She's half of a wit short of being a halfwit! She makes Katie look like Stephen Freakin' Hawking.

Americans are waiting to hear what John "Deregulation" McCain has to say about the economic problem? Really!?

And the mocking of Obama is sooooooo Alaskan soccer mom.

I'm going to go bite my pillow.


Anonymous said...

You pillow biter

Brooklyn Row House said...

"Moron" only scratches the surface of this woman's cluelessness. Even my pit bull knows how to give a canned response on command, and he doesn't wear lipstick.

Professional lobbyist's don't recuse themselves, Sarah. If they want to appear ethical they get rid of the client.

Rob K said...

The trouble is that Americans don't mind stupid--look at what's been in the White House for the last 8 years.

Repiglicans know if they do the old folsky charm routine, the facts can safely be ignored.

Anonymous said...

I hope Palin wins not so much because I like her, but because I hate liberals and love watching them squirm.

And by the way, Rob K, I'll take folksy over facts any day. We need more folksyness.

Facts are debatable and only useful in the hands of the stronger party.

But folksyness is for everyone and makes me feel warm inside.

Want a fact? We're all gonna die one day. Some, painfully.

What's important is how we live this life. Why throw away folksyness, one of the few things that makes it tolerable?

Life's too short - Vote Folksy!

Rob K said...

"I'll take folksy over facts any day."

Why, President Bush, shouldn't you be working on the economic bailout right now?

Read the internets later. After 8 years of sitting on your brains, er, rear end, it's time to do some real work.

Anonymous said...

What does Rob K have against being folksy!?

Rob, try being folksy some time. You might enjoy it!

Rob K said...

We had 8 years of the "aw shucks, I'm jes plain folks" charade, and boy did that ever suck.

I know reality is poison to a neocon, but you'll have to face it some time.