Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Happy Earth Day!

There are some great tips, advice and articles over at Mother Nature Network and at the Earth Day Roundup.


Anonymous said...

Earth Day is silly!

Masked Avenger said...

I've been paying more attention to the habits of the liberals vs the conservatives in my office. Funny thing is, by a huge majority, the liberals keep the lights on in their office when they are not there, don't recycle and dont think twice about printing unnecessary stuff.

But they have a "Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this email" on the bottom of all their emails.

As usual, the contradictions continue!

All Praise due to Chairman Maobama!

The Phantom said...

Personal observation also

The liberals in my office use disposable paper cups while the conservatives are far more likely to use ( endlessly reusable ) ceramic ones

And they're far more likely to use bottled water shipped in from Fiji, Europe or wherever.


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