Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I received a comment from Citygirl seconding my comment about visiting local coffee shops, like Caffe Cafe. (That's a pic of Caffe Cafe) (I, unlike CityGirl, I'm guessing, will also be going to Starbucks as well, but I firmly believe in the independently run places and will be visiting them as well)

If anyone has a favorite place in The Ridge or in Brooklyn, please mention it here and I'll put together a list.

There's also a great article about Starbucks and Bay Ridge on Gotham City Insider.


Vanessa Lee said...

Saint Germaine, on 83rd(?) and 3rd, is a restaurant/cafe. Their deep mugs of cafe au lait are like straight out of Paris. Drink it slowly and take in the vibe, especially great on weekend mornings.

Anonymous said...

Great new paperie opened a few months ago on the block of St. Germaine - very friendly - -very reasonable - very cute!!!!