Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My personal boycott of Long's Discount Wines and Liquors has come to an end. My wife and I decided not to purchase anything from Long's when we discovered Mike Long is the Chairman of the Conservative Party of New York State. Granted we don't disagree with absolutely everything the Party stands for, but we disagree enough. So we stopped shopping there. Nothing earth shattering, but it meant something to us.

But one of my fellow alcoholic friends told me yesterday that Mike sold the business. I called over and, indeed, my friend wasn't too drunk. Heather Hamilton now owns the business. I'm not sure why she didn't change the name. Maybe because the store is such an establishment in the Ridge.

At any rate, the ban has been lifted. And just in time for the holidays.


Bud Boomer said...


As far as Mike Long goes, his work for the Bay Ridge community over the years will always eclipse whatever differences I would have with him politically... and I'm as far from a republican conservative as you can imagine.

I mean, if you were looking to make a political statement, your efforts would have been better directed elsewhere.

The New York State Conservative Party you speak of is such an anachronism at this point, it's basically laughable, that's how pathetic it is.

It's broken, beyond repair, save for a few dried up old men like Gerry Kassar and Marty Golden who run around and play the part, but at the end of the day they even known the party's had it.

So go forth, Lefty, drink that muscatel.

Mark said...

Let the muscatel flow!

Anonymous said...

the new owner and the other woman who works with her, well.. they're both kinda hot, and i'd love to show them a good time.

Anonymous said...

agreed. I was in there one day when the real white bread owner was basically telling this local ginny to stop hinting at whatever discount he thought he should get, to take his 10% case discount, or get lost.

now THAT'S hot.

queenoftheclick said...

I like that you took a stand against the store. It was definitely a good statement and what's more is I would like to think that Long had to sell the business because he lost so much of your business. :)

Rob K said...

I think I'll go there and drink a toast to my new president, Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

you're a peckerhead.

Anonymous said...

Q of Click, are you serious? It's bad enough your blog reads like a cry for help out of a really retarded issue of Readers' Digest, but do you honestly believe one word you say?

Is there anything that can be done to pursued you to stay in Dyker Heights or Bensonhurst, ya know, where you belong?

Rob K said...


Is there anything that can be done to persuade you to learn English?

Anonymous said...

Rob, I've read your blog, and you really shouldn't be correcting any one.

That being said... Queen, you're a nimrod.

Rob K said...

Nimrod...retarded...what a bitter, sad little tool you are, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Rob, who's the tool here? Seriously, bro, you're like the world's most fragile 50 yr old.



Please, save the fucking good will for the 2 dozen meet up groups you're probably in.

Anonymous said...

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