Friday, November 9, 2007


So my wife and I lived in sunny, and sometimes fiery, Los Angeles for 8 years. I was working as an actor and she was the General Manager of South Coast Rep. I retired from acting when we adopted our daughter. I had been growing tired of the business and my writing was taking off. Then my wife was offered the job of General Manager of the Public Theater. So figuring NYC was just as good a place for me to write as LA, we packed up our bags last January, bid farewell to our heated pool and tennis court and moved from the Hollywood Hills to NYC.

Our intention was to live in Manhattan. Now I'm no turnip rolling off a truck, I grew up in NJ and my wife lived in Manhattan for 14 years, but hello expensive rent! We were looking at $4500.00/month! Um, no thanks. So we extended our search for shelter. My wife's best friend lives in Bay Ridge and to make a long story somewhat long, we ended up in Bay Ridge.

My wife takes the subway into Manhattan everyday, our daughter goes to pre-school, and I mostly stay in The Ridge, where I do my writing and take on stay-at-home fatherly duties.

So here I am, with not really enough time every day to go into Manhattan and get back to take care of our daughter, make dinner, etc, and I find myself Left In Bay Ridge.


Right in Bay Ridge said...

Welcome to Bay Ridge. I've been waiting for Lefty for a few months now. Good luck!

rambonie said...

I am enjoying your blog. i found it because i have a google alert set for Melisa Christian, and so it led me to your site.

(I realize this may seem a little stalkerish, but i feel its just far enough removed and i am not embarrassed by it. Also, i saw her at the Philadelphia Distance Run this year and tried to introduce myself and she shunned me, so google alert is about as far as this is goign to go anyway :) )

Best regards,