Saturday, January 26, 2008


The battle for the Green Church Belt shows no signs of slowing down. Not only were there articles in The Daily News and Curbed, but The Rover has dedicated his blogged week to the fight.

The Rover brings up some items that I'll add to my "Can I Get a Little 411?" list.

Drumroll --

My "Can I Get a Little 411?" List:

1. Why did Rev. Emerick and the Methodist congregation turn down the proposal from Gentile and the Con Edison Renaissance Housing Program?

2. What was the proposal from Gentile and Con Ed?

3. I read that the church is falling apart and I also read that it's not falling apart? Which is it? Have any architects given the church the once over and determined whether it can be restored?

4. How much would it cost to repair the church? And I mean an official estimate.

5. Why haven't any of the preservationists been able to raise the money to buy the church?

6. Why haven't the 2 sides gotten together since March?

7. How many years has this thing been going on?

8. Did Dorcas Kimball, who lives next to the house that will be torn down if the sale proceeds as planned, hate her parents for naming her "Dorcas?"

9. Does Dorcas come from the famed Malorkus family?

10. What other lost causes have Gentile, Katherine Walker, and Victoria Hofmo (whose name sound like a Bavarian slur for a gay man) been behind? I'm intrigued.

11. What were the dishonest objections of Katherine Walker's Committee to Save the Green Church?

12. What are the "intellectual half-truths that paint the congregation as 'liars?'" Sounds scandalous.

13. Has there been a study done on what the impact of the "at least 50 condos" will have on the community?

14. How the hell did a mid-level banker lose 7 billion dollars!!??

15. Why is Emerick's congregation less than two dozen?

16. Have they though of holding services at Our Lady of Starbucks?

Okay, by the looks of the list, I don't know anything and I'm going to hell.

But can someone please give me the 411?

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