Thursday, January 24, 2008


Okay, who saw the article about the Green Church in today's Daily News? As you know, there's a big brouhaha right now in Bay Ridge between Preservationists and the Methodist Church about whether to preserve the 108 year old building or tear it down (along with the building next to it and a limestone on the other side) to make way for a smaller church and a condo complex.

I was struck by this quote from the Church's pastor, Rev. Robert Emerick, about tearing down the church --
"Let us bury our dead in peace, councilman."
Being buried in peace seems to be relative over there at the church, because the 211 people who were reinterred from the original church will be --
"the very same dead who will now be dug up when the Green Church is torn down for condos."
Yipes! So much for resting in peace. And when asked about digging up the graves --
"Emerick was later quoted as referring to the remains as 'only dust.'"
Snap! But if the dust was say, oh I don't know, the dust of the bones of Jesus, would the remains be so easily moved?

You can be buried in peace over there, just make sure you pack a bag.

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