Tuesday, January 15, 2008


When it comes to resolutions, sometimes it village. And my friend, Betsey, is a villager extraordinaire. I barely uttered the words, "shameless plug" and it showed up on her blog at the Orlando Sentinel.

So now I'm at Shameless Plug #2.

Betsey is a wonderful woman and a theatre critic. (I know, when did you ever think you'd see "wonderful" and "theatre critic" in the same sentence?)

But if you like theatre you should read Betsey's blog, Attention Must Be Paid.


Lee-Shak said...

drinks tonight--Pour House on 79th and Third. 7:15. Shoot me an email at afterlysiak@hotmail.com.

Frank said...

Added new feature on my sunset park blog. Cultural Happenings. You might be interested in the Chinese new year harmonica guy. Check out the blog.

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