Thursday, January 10, 2008


I was walking passed Marty Golden's office today and two people who work for him were outside taking a smoke break. One of the guys was very animated and pointing with vehemence. He was complaining about being singled out for something. It turns out the guys was imitating Marty. As I passed I heard the other guy say, "So what's wrong with that?"

To which the other guy replied, "Because Marty is an a**hole!"

And this coming from someone who works for Marty. Marty may want to ask them to take their smoke breaks in the back of the building.

**It seems some people were confused by the donkey in the well picture. So I'll try this one. Brit? Boy in LA? Comments?

And if that is still too subtle, how about this one?


Anonymous said...

American humour!?

What the hell
does a donkey
down a well
signify, Mr LiBR?

Jeff said...

... and more importantly, where the hell do you FIND these images?

Mark Brown said...

You Brits need everything explained to you, don't you?

If you read the post you would have seen that someone working for Marty Golden called him the hole of an ass.

Now break out your thesaurus and look up "donkey" and "well."


Jeff said...

...and the answer to the second question?...

Jeff said... the Brit's defense, I have to say I thought it was a Republican/Democratic imagery kinda thing... and I'm not even British...

Mark Brown said...

The answer to the second question is I have a donkey down a well who finds them for me.

He's an asshole but he does good work.