Wednesday, January 2, 2008


News to me is that Manhattan once had an elevated el train on 3rd avenue. Fortunately, Ridgite Larry Stelter's book, By The El, is being republished -- Larry Stelter put the photo collection together and wrote “By The El —
Third Avenue and Its El at Mid-Century,” published by H&M Books in 1995. The book was acclaimed in reviews. But it was a limited edition and soon faded away. Mint first editions sell at prices such as $175.
In 2007 the second edition appeared as an attractive glossy coffee-table paperback, published by Stelterphoto LLC, designed and produced by Fred Weider & Daughter Printers, NYC. It was re-published with the sponsorship of The New York Transit Museum and the Bronx County Historical Society, with some additional material.
It looks like a fantastic book. Thanks Larry.

Photo courtesy: Elliott Erwitt

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