Monday, February 4, 2008


Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are a couple of classless petulant chumps. With one second remaining of the Super Bowl, both chumps walked off the field.

Belichick at least walked over and congratulated Coughlin, but left his team to face the loss while he escaped to the locker room. Chump. And did you see his post-game interview? Could he have been more petulant and self-centered? Oh poor poor you, Bill. You didn't win and you didn't go 19-0. Yeah, losing sucks. No one likes to lose. But you lost. And the mark of a good loser, the mark of someone with class is accepting the loss with dignity and publicly congratulating the winning team. But you were so upset at not getting your way that you didn't say a thing about how well the Giants played. Good sportsmanship? Or were you upset that your secret videos didn't help you win?

And Brady didn't congratulate Manning. There was no "nice game" or "congratulations." Just an upset loser walking off the field before the game was over. Way to be a good role model for your son, Tom.

Tom and Bill, you're both losers in more ways than one.

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