Saturday, February 2, 2008


That smell. That glorious glorious coffee smell is coming back.

Starbucks announced it will discontinue selling breakfast sandwiches. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that taste pretty good when there are no more cardboard sleeves to gnaw on. And the oh man. Nasty. You walk into a Starbucks and you get hit by a nauseating smell of burnt processed food. But say goodbye to that stank.

It's part of the overhaul at Starbucks to revive anemic sales. They're also going to introduce high-quality baked goods. (And let me tell you, when I was in China, the Starbucks there had killer baked goods).

The company is also going to close
100 underperforming locations in the United States.
Don't worry Ridgers, the Starbucks here in The Ridge are booming. My favorite is the one on 75th and 3rd.

All in all, pretty good changes, although I'm a little frightened of the comparison of Starbucks chairman and chief executive, Howard D. Schultz, and Robert L. Nardelli, the ex-chief executive of Home Depot. Nardelli is the devil.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the changes. Bring on the pastries!

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Frank said...

You asked to let you know when the Year of the Rat celebrations are on. Check out the Sunset Park blog. Would have e-mailed you but don't have your addy.