Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I really have to hand it to Dubya. Despite all of the criticism about his Presidency he continues to fuel the fire. This is a man who doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Bush unveiled a $3.1 trillion spending plan! This is the first time a spending plan has broken the $3 trillion mark. And what have the reactions been to President Spend Spend Spend? Both sides are fairly appalled.

And since Dubya considers the wars in Irag and Afghanistan emergency spending so the full cost for the wars are not included in the budget. WHAT!? The wars are our money pit and he didn't include them!?

Dubya proposed cuts in 151 government programs, such as health care, community services for the poor, and education. And he still wants Congress to pass those damn tax cuts that report after report have proven will really only benefit the wealthiest Americans.

I'm so glad Dubya was able to take a budget surplus and turn it into a record deficit.

But then again, when Dubya was a baseball team owner, he was the only owner to vote against the wildcard format.

Thanks Dubya, for 8 lousy years.

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