Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The results are pouring in and if for some reason you're checking here and not, oh I don't know, a major news site, I'll post them as they come in.

UPDATE: I'm going to bed. There are lots of projected winners but we know what happened in 2000, so I'm not going to report those. I'll update in the morning.
(Like you can't go to CNN or NYT to see the results. I'm a maroon)

MORNING UPDATE: My 3 year old daughter predicts Clinton and McCain.

Alabama: Welcome back Clintons is leading, but Oh Mama charges back and wins.
So is Short Fuse, but Huckleberry wins!

Alaska: Oh Mama takes it.

American Samoa (what the hell!?):

AZ: Welcome Back Clintons wins.
Short Fuse takes it as well.

Arkansas: Welcome Back Clintons takes her old home state.
As does Huckleberry.

CA: Welcome Back takes the Golden State and my old state.
Short Fuse is on a roll and takes it as well.

Colorado: Oh Mama wins CO.
Mitt the Sh*@ finally wins something.

Conn: U Conn do it Oh Mama.
Short Fuse wins Conn.

Del: Obama wins the first state
So does the Short Fuse.

GA: The Devil went down to Georgia and voted Obama.
And he voted Huckelberry.

Idaho: Oh Mama with a huge victory!

IL: Oh Mama takes his homestate, Illinois.
John Short Fuse McCain takes Illinois.

Kansas: What the hell is wrong with Kansas picks Oh Mama big time.

MA: Welcome Back takes MA.
Sh*@ takes it as well, phew.

Minn: Oh Mama!

MO: Show Me Oh Mama!
Short Fuse again!

Montana: Sh*@ wins another state.

NJ: Welcome Back Clintons, to the Garden State.
The Short Fuse takes the Garden State

New Mexico: Too close to call.

NY: Clinton takes her home state.
The Short Fuse wins.

North Dakota: Oh Mama takes North Dakota.
The Sh*@ takes ND.

OK: Hillary is OK.
Short Fuse wins as well.

Tenn: Welcome Back Clinton takes the Volunteer State.
Huckelberry wins the the pic-i-nic basket.

Utah: Oh Mama big.
Sh*@ takes the Mormon State.

W. Virginia: Huckleberry Hound takes WV.

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