Sunday, March 23, 2008


So here's something I found interesting. These two snapshots of my desktop were taken within seconds of each other.

One is the front page of FOX news is known throughout the world or liberals as Faux News or Fixed News and is the embodiment of the evil Bush empire.

The other is the front page of The New York Times is known throughout the conservative world as the liberal media and is the embodiment of all things godless.

The lead story of the NYT is about the deadly attack today in Iraq, the largest attack in months.

No where on the FOX page is there any mention of the attack.



The Phantom said...

How do you do page captures like that, and then how to you post it onto blogger?

Mark said...

Do you use a mac or a pc?

Mark said...

If you use a mac, it's apple - shift - 3.

I don't know what it is on a pc.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, and I'm just guessing here.... the New York Times 'claims' to be a newspaper, containing news. And Fox claims nothing of the sort and contains shite.

By the way... the PC is the dark side... we don't go there, do we Mark?

Mark said...

The PC is the Dark Side. Go there of you dare. Mwahahahahaha.

The Phantom said...

I thought of buying Apples several times. But they charge too much. I'm very, ahem, "thrifty"