Saturday, March 22, 2008


An Illinois-shaped cornflake sold for $1350.00 on ebay.

And they say consumer confidence is down.


Anonymous said...

This story is a false-flag operation; pure disinformation.

Think about it: the powers that be know that millions of people will be traveling and meeting with close family this weekend to celebrate Easter. Family is the last bastion of honest talk and conspiring outside the grasp of the powers that be.

Fearing that Americans families might talk about the presidential election, the economy, the war in Iraq, or any other serous thing as they gather this weekend, the powers that be plant a nonsensical story like this to break on Easter.

As Neil Postman so poignantly called it: we are amusing ourselves to death.

Anonymous said...

A day when 51 Iraqis died in the fiercest bombardment for over a year, is particularly poignant for all christians in America. Mainly because, unless they were 'merican casualties they don't give a shit - and would rather bid on a frikkin' cornflake on eBay.

That's some parallel universe there buster. Nice.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and the Brits were the voice of conviction and dissent leading up to the invasion 5 years ago? With Tony Blair, carrying Bush's water right?

The Phantom said...

Actually, Tony Blair I believe spoke in favor of regime change before Bush had even been elected. The charge of being a "poodle" has never been a fair, or even honest, one.

NY Brit

Sorry that the person who was stupid enough to buy the cornflake didn't spend the day complaining about the Muslim terrorist attacks on the Iraqi populace. (Because they weren't killed by anyone else )

I might say the same about you. You spent this time blogging about Iraq alone, when there may well have been many more people killed in Chinese-occupied Tibet, and in Arab-occupied Darfur. Yet, I see no posts you have ever made bemoaning the suffering in those vast, faraway places.

Should I criticize you for not posting on Tibet or Darfur? No, it would be unfair. About as unfair as your comment that Americans don't care about non-US deaths in Iraq.