Monday, March 31, 2008


It's Opening Day, baby! And I love that we don't even need to mention which sport. Despite all the other professional sports played in this country and all the other opening days, there is only one Opening Day.

My wife is a die-hard Yankees fan. I grew up with the Mets. Our dog is named after Ebbets Field. Needless to say we'll be following the Yanks, Mets and Dodgers.

But I'll tell you, I won't be surprised to see Tampa Bay or Detroit in October.


The Phantom said...

Tampa Bay?

You may well see it as a tourist, or if you see the Buccaneers on TV, but that's it.

Mark said...

Phantom, I'm just going on record from Day One. Tampa Bay.

And I'm sorry to say your "Dodger Wall" didn't make the article. But I really appreciated the info.


Yes you do need to mention which sport, actually.

So, is this the sport that claims to have a "World Series" when only one country plays [plus America-Lite of course]?

[That was rhetorical...]

Mark said...

"Yes you do need to mention which sport, actually."

Only to UK Whingers, I suppose.