Monday, March 17, 2008


What a news day!

I tell you, Spitzer's whore better cash in asap because she's about to be undone by a new sex scandal.

Theodore Pedersen, ex-New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey’s 29-year-old former driver and traveling aide, is claiming that he, McGreevey, and McGreevey's wife used to have weekly three-way sex.
Dina Matos (McGreevey's ex-wife) and Jim McGreevey are currently facing a divorce trial, in which Matos is seeking $600,000 in damages claiming that her husband defrauded her by hiding his sexuality before and during their marriage.
But according to little Teddy that wasn't the case. He says that from 1999-2001 the three of them would engage in a night of hide the sausage every Friday. Evidently the night would begin with dinner at T.G.I. Friday's and end up in the sack.

T.G.I. Friday's? Really? Talk about a night of Friday Sliders.

McGreevey has just come out and said they happened!!!

Matos says they didn't.

I feel sorry for their 6 year old daughter but I can't wait for this one to unfold.


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Anonymous said...

They both sound like real prizes.
But Mr. McSkeevey gets extra Holiness Sleazepoints: He signed up for the Episcopal seminary, then apparently leaked this, to imply that he was going to be ordained. (No seminary would either leak or imply this.)
This was baloney: Anyone can sign up for a seminary program (as in "it's just another Master's").
But ordination is a whole 'nother thing. In any church, it takes YEARS to be scrutinized &, maybe, maybe, possibly, OK'd for ordination. (Plus, the guy wasn't even Episc when he enrolled. He was Catholic until, like, 15 minutes before starting classes.)
But it's a great way to voluntarily reduce earning capacity & income during a divorce/custody battle, and give a pious veneer to one's self-impoverishment.