Thursday, March 13, 2008


Matthew Lysiak is a Bay Ridge resident and a writer for the Daily News. He's a fine writer and a heck of a nice guy. Just don't tell that to crazy superintendent Richard Martin.

Evidently Dick isn't enjoying his 15 minutes of fame anymore. Now that most of NYC knows Martin is a hypocrite, a bigot, and an all-around tool, he's now lashing out at Matthew by calling him a "moron," "jackass," and "shit."

In a photo from the always enjoyable BeehiveHairdresser, you can see that Dick, never wanting to take the blame for anything he does, writes
"the Daily News is a shit paper along with all there (sic) writers and reporters Do not buy this paper any more it's garbage. Matthew is shit
Again Richard, if you're going to berate the tenants for not being able to read English, the least you can do is spell the words correctly.

And Matthew, congratulations on making Dick Martin's wall of hatred. I'm mighty proud.

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Anonymous said...

dude, matthew was totally asking for it. how do you write a series of articles on the crazy bay ridge super and then not think you'll eventually become the object of his wrath? richard martin is a neighborhood character (though definitely nuts) but def not worthy of a news story, let alone series thereof. his signs always made me laugh.