Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Does anybody know why there was a police chopper circling around this morning near 78th and 3rd?


The Rover
has once again come up with the story.


Anonymous said...

Burglary around 78th and Ridge.

Anonymous said...

A helicopter for a burglary? WTF? In England you'd be lucky to get a response at all. Although occasionally, you might get a bobby on a bicycle show up several hours later.

Unless... you call 999 [911 here] and tell the police there's a burglary but you've dealt with it by shooting the burglar. THEN you might get a helicopter... and a SWAT team... and several squad cars...

But that's the UK. And that happened.

Anonymous said...

Brit, WTF?

Airstrip 1 is one of the worst police states in Europe today.