Tuesday, April 22, 2008


A measly few hours after I posted the new inductees into the Hall of F*ck You and asked JetBlue not to let me down, my favorite air carrier has done just that.
JetBlue said it would begin charging passengers $20 for a second check-in bag.

What is this world coming to? JetBlue has stabbed me in the back.

It really sucks for us because we travel with a car seat, which we always check through.

JetBlue, though, is trying to lighten the load of their airplanes. And one way is by
emptying lavatories on every single stop, no matter how short. They say its more cost efficient to have the crews do the dirty job than it is to fly with the added weight.
I think the airlines should take it a step forward and demand mandatory colon cleansing. Check your one, under 50 pound bag, wait an eternity to get through security, and then once settled in the terminal - colon cleanse. It will reduces the weight of the plane dramatically.


frank rizzo said...

how about a mandatory weigh-in at the gate for all those fat beer barrel muthafuckas?

Anonymous said...

it's only 20 bucks. not really that big of a deal. this is coming from someone who flies the cheapest ticket whenever he can, too. but i choose to pay an extra 20 bucks if it means direct flight. I'd also suck it up and pay 20 bucks for a 2nd bag. In the scheme of things, not so bad. And maybe it'll help keep the ticket costs down.

billabong said...

At least they're going to empty the toilets at each stop and not in mid-flight.

Imagine if they just let loose every time someone flushed while airborne?

"Look out below!"

Mark said...

Yeah, $20 isn't as bad as the others. But when you fly with a car seat, you're always going to pay.

The Phantom said...

I fly Continental Airlines wherever possible, and they are waiving the additional bag charge for their "Elite" frequent flyers and for those who have equivalent status on their "Skyteam" partners.

No real way of getting around the charge for many infrequent travelers I'm afraid.