Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The price of food is skyrocketing. The use of food stamps is at an all-time high. What's the best advice?

Stop buying food.

That's what we're doing here in Bay Ridge. The Daily News reported today that
the Key Food supermarket at Third Ave. and 94th St. will be replaced by a Walgreens.
That will leave us with about 3 supermarkets (if you can call the Associated a supermarket. More like an ok market with the world's narrowest aisles) and 48 drug stores.

There will be no place to buy food, but plenty of places to buy Xanax.


Anonymous said...

I think the free market decided this state of affairs perfectly.

After all, with all the lunatics in Bay Ridge, Xanax is much more in demand than rice or flour will ever be.

Anonymous said...

How can you say the price of food is skyrocketing after two posts talking about free and cheap ice cream?

Mark said... except ice cream? Maybe?

Anonymous said...

Great, so all that people will have to eat is ice cream.

Just what Bay Ridge needs - more fat bastards schlepping around.

Anonymous said...

Looks like food ain't all that's drying up.

Apparently there's a bad case of constipation hurting the farmers, too.

NY Times: "No Shit Stinks Too!

Anonymous said...

the short ribs vuilding should not be torn down for a parking facility!!! That is a beautiful victorian building that beautifies the area. Traffic will be a nightmare in the area - it already is!

Anonymous said...

The Short Ribs building looks like a cheap prop from one of those tours of a movie set at Universal Studios in Florida. That's on the outside.

The inside is not a very desirable work of engineering either. Anyone who counts in the biz knows that much.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone in the community buy it up and turn it into a town hall or performing arts center?

It'd be a lot cheaper than trying to do it in the Green Church; plus they have that nice balcony on the second floor.

And a big parking lot next door.

Anonymous said...

why is it that everytime a building is about to be converted or altered in use in bay ridge, someone suggests we put up a "performing arts center?" i am just as loathe as anyone else to see all these condos going up and supermarkets closing but a performing arts center? who plans on seeing these performing arts? give me a break already with all you artsy fartsies who have no where to watch your performing arts.

Anonymous said...

There are already plenty of places in Bay Ridge for performing arts.

Poly Prep, Ft. Hamilton High School, and many of the other schools in the area have nice auditoriums.

When the local politicians bailed out the Alpine Movie theater, the owner said the community would be able to use the theater space for events.

Many of the other churches in the area also are sometimes used for cultural events.

Why these preservations want to turn only the Green Church into a performance center is beyond me, especially considering how many other spots already exist.

Mark said...

Let's turn it into a Trader Joes.

Anonymous said...

Bay Ridge needs a Bob's Discount Furniture

Anonymous said...

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