Saturday, April 19, 2008


Here's how the conversation went tonight at our Passover meal.
Friend: "I really like the Amy Winehouse song, F*ck Me Pumps."

Stubborn Brit: "It's interesting that she wrote that song since they don't call them pumps in England."

Everyone Else: "Yes they do."

Stubborn Brit: "No they don't."

Everyone Else: "What do they call them?"

Stubborn Brit: "I don't know."

Everyone Else: "So you know they're not called pumps but you don't know what they call them?"

Stubborn Brit: "Right."

Everyone Else: "How about pumps?"

Stubborn Brit: "Nowhere outside of America are they called pumps."

Me: Uh oh, Elijah's here.

On Monday I'll call this so-called British shoe store in Sheffield, England and notify them that the shoes they are calling 'pumps' are not called pumps in England. And if they don't believe me they can take it up with the Queen Mum.

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