Saturday, April 19, 2008


How could I have missed this story? I was at Fairway the other day, Passover shopping list in hand, and looked everywhere for Tam Tam crackers. Nothing. Not a single Tam anywhere.

Now I find out there aren't any Tam Tam crackers ANYWHERE!
Manischewitz, the global kosher food producer, has temporarily stopped making Tam Tams because of production problems at its Newark plant.
Manischewitz had problems with a $15 million over installation at their Newark, NJ plant and the Tam Tams are taking the fall.

Passover without Tam Tams is like Christmas without -- um -- without -- let's see -- Oh, it's like Christmas without candy canes.

How very sad indeed.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of food -

Where can you get the best Margarita in Bay Ridge?

The Phantom said...

Fairway in Red Hook?

My favorite food store in the universe. Well worth the drive from supermarket-deprived Bay Ridge!

Mark said...

Yeah, it's a fantastic store. I'm also a big Wegman's fan, but you have to drive to Jersey.

And Anon, judging from the crowd, I'd say Canteena at 80th and 5th serves a pretty good margarita.

The Phantom said...

I used to go to Wegmans in Wilkes Barre, also super fantastic. My sister lived there for a while.

Which Wegmans in NJ have you been to? I go to NJ from time to time, and have noticed that there is a Wegmans in Woodbridge.

NYC has the best of almost everything, but when it comes to supermarkets we are a third world country. Every American suburb has better food choices than the average NYC resident.

Snob/yuppie joints like Whole Foods don't count--the only big NYC supermarket that impresses me is Fairway Red Hook!

Mark said...

My first Wegman's was in Allentown, PA, of all places. Allentown!? Go figure.

But my parents live in Princeton, NJ and there's a Wegman's there, along with a nice Whole Foods.

It's a wonder there aren't better grocery stores in NYC.