Monday, April 7, 2008


They may have rolled over when the Nazis came waltzing down the Champs-Elysees, but the French showed some spunk today by extinguishing the Olympic Torch.

That's right. Those crazy wine-drinking, escargot-eating layabouts rallied themselves today to protest that little China - Tibet - Lack of Human Rights issue.

And for showing such moxie, I'm going to stop calling my fries "Freedom Fries." I'm proud to once again call them French Fries.


The Phantom said...

Amen. Wish I was there.

Mark said...

I knew you'd be happy.

That's not you over my shoulder in Starbucks, is it?

The Phantom said...

No. But I almost went to the 75th St Starbucks tonight, as I am out of coffee beans. Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the meeting of the minds

Anonymous said...

wow, now tibet is free! glad those french blew out that big candle. don't ask them to actually take the side of human rights at the UN or anything though.

Anonymous said...

The closer the US is drawn to China, the further the EU will put itself away from China.

Watch the EU cozy up to Russia and the Middle East (Iranian oil in Euros, now, for instance) as the US increasingly alienates that region.

Anonymous said...

Decent read:

Why Real Conservatives Should Sympathize with Tibet

Anonymous said...

What is it with Americans and their knee-jerk reaction to the French? Perhaps it's just 'jerk' reaction. "Anonymous" [interesting handle there...] slams them for lack of human rights without citing anything. Just a throwaway comment from an anonymous jerk.

Oh, and a couple more points, one: the US isn't "drawn to China", it's in major debt to China. And two: The EU isn't "pulling away from China" or about to either. Unless you call $272.3 billion in trade [for 2006 alone] pulling away. Put another way, the EU is China's top trading partner with 15.5% by trade volume. Don't take my word for it, this came from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, via

Since "anonymous", supposition about the French and the EU is uncited, baseless and full of shit, I'd suggest he shuts the f*ck up.

Rob K said...

The French had the nerve (de Gaul?) to tell Bush to drop dead when he lied us into the Iraqi disaster.

Rightwingnuts can't get over the fact that the French were right.

Anonymous said...

God you're petulant, Brit.

You're not on the McLaughlin Group, so why don't you calm yourself down?

Never ceases to amaze me how you get your blood pressure over 'issues' that the national conversation is already past...

You carry on and on about Iraq, our trade policy, and pursue already obsolete arguments to what end? In the hopes of exposing us Americans as the 'knuckledraggers' we are?

Go take another picture of your bony ass in the Atlantic Ocean.

Anonymous said...

Brit is hilarious.

And I mean: outright funny!

This guy lays it on thick. Too much! I always look forward to his zany comments and lighthearted spin on things!

I wonder how many drafts he goes through to come up with his shtick.

He always hits the nail on its head.

Seriously, Brit's comments and his own posts make me laugh. He always seems to provide a much needed dose of cheer just at the right time.

Leave it to Brit to put a smile on your face when things are getting just a tad too serious or when a conversation turns dour.

After a long day at work splicing telephone cables together in Hollis, my day is now nearly complete thanks to Brit.

All that's left for me to do now is put on my Human League records, pour myself a tall glass of Sangiovese, an wait for Wheel of Fortune before I conk out.

Anonymous said...

brit is a tool. you want specific citings about the french lacking conviction towards human rights? do a google search. these are comments not a research paper.