Thursday, May 15, 2008


Al Safa is now open!

I didn't have my camera tonight, so until I get a picture, imagine it without the paper in the windows.

The place looks very nice. Clean. A tad spartan. But I'm sure they'll get things in teh wall soon.

This weekend I plan to try the grub.


Marty Guyser said...

I went to Al Safa yesterday for the first time. I ordered a small order of half hummus and half taboulie.

The food was good, but I have to say the portion was very small. When I order the same thing at Karam, the container is stuffed.

If the middle eastern restaurants/cuisine is known for one thing, its for filling your plate with a lot of food.

I do have to say that the place was clean, the food was good and the people were friendly.

Anonymous said...

Marty Guyser doesn't know hummus from his elbow, really. So don't listen to him.

dodge clodge, all day long?

Anonymous said...

what's a dodge clodge anyway? Sounds like an STD

Anonymous said...

hey i huys im the owners son at al safa and i am a waiter sometomes cashier i happy too know that you guys loved the food but just to let u know we are not putting any paper on the windows i did not do all the hard work for nothing so i hope to see u there and get to meet you

Anonymous said...

hey guys im the owners son from al safa restaurant i'm happy to know that u guys are enjoying the food i hope to see u guys there