Thursday, May 1, 2008


Vito Fossella was busted last night for drunk driving.
Steve Harrison, a Democrat campaigning to unseat Fossella, said he should resign.

"Driving while intoxicated is a very serious crime," he said. "I hope this isn't true. If it is, he should seriously consider leaving Congress."
Steve, committing perjury or killing someone is a good reason to leave Congress. Getting a DUI isn't.

Fossella getting an IUD is weird.


The Phantom said...

Good comment.

Shame on Harrison.

Driving while under the influence is something to be punished harshly. But it should not be seen as an opportunity by this opportunist.

Anonymous said...

Intoxicated with power...

Colon Cleanse Forum said...

Why do people do this? It just boggles my mind why individuals take such a risk by driving drunk. Not only does it greatly endanger others on the roads, it can be devastating financially and personally if you're convicted for it.

Voter said...

I say kudos to Vito for being forthright on this, for being so open to the media and for even going so far as to hold a press conference about it.

Some politicians would try to hide or cover something like this up. Our area has certainly had its fair share of spin over the years involving certain politicians.

But Vito is a class act. He did wrong, he admits it, he makes himself available in accounting for it, and now hopefully we can all learn from this and move on.

I'd expect Vito to be even more outspoken on matters involving drinking and driving and safety in the future. Thank God no one was injured. I see much good coming from this unfortunate incident, for Vito, and for NY13.

fmrBRite said...

A DUI that might include some jailtime. Fossella's blood alcohol was 0.17% - twice the legal limit. He faces up to 5 days in jail if convicted, according to The Washington Post.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Vito has so much class he apologized at his press conference to the people of Staten Island, once again overlooking the fact that he represents us here in Brooklyn. That's exactly what he said he wanted to apologize "to the people of Staten Island". And therein lies much of our problem with Vito Fossella, he doesn't even know his district.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he only apologized to them because he knows Bay Ridge is full of drunks anyway, who wouldn't mind the incident too much.

Rob K said...

Oh, are those evil Democrats picking on poor little Vito?

They should show more restraint--like Newt Gingrich did regarding Monica Lewinsky. Now there was level-headed response.

Mr. Class Act should spend his five days in Iraq. That'll sober him up right quick.

Anonymous said...

Rob, who said anything about "evil democrats?"

You sound paranoid. Why be so defensive?

None of the comments above said anything about democrats at all, let alone evil ones.

Rob, get a grip and relax. Get past the partisanship in your mind and enjoy life.

Rob K said...

Oh, anonymous, I'm quite relaxed.

I think Vito is the one who needs to get a grip...on the steering wheel.

From the NY Times:

Mr. Fossella swayed when he stood on one leg and stumbled when asked to walk nine steps heel to toe and turn...

And how about this little flip-flop?

Mr. Fossella told the officer that he was on his way to pick up his daughter, who needed to go to the hospital, although on Friday he said that he had been on his way to visit friends.

Sick daughter? Visiting friends? Maybe he was rushing to meet Jack Bauer to break up a terrorist plot.

Or maybe he could put out another flier with a photo of Harrison and bin Laden. Very classy, Vito.

Happy motoring!

Anonymous said...

Rob K, you're the one who needs to get a grip.

You're the one who shamelessly turned this into a partisan hackjob on this site.

If Harrison loses again, it's because of hacks like you and his advisers who spoil the atmosphere around him.

You'd be more credible if you took the high ground on this issue, Rob K.

You can kick the man while he's down, but that could backfire.

Sometimes you don't need to say a word to watch a pot boil.

All you're going to accomplish here is making yourself feel better, and possibly lose an audience.

Everyone, Rob K, knows what this story is about without your two cents.

Anonymous said...


Where is all this anger coming from?

Your post comes off very disingenous.

Really, what's your stake in all this aside from reveling in someone's misery?

Is Vito just another pawn in this red gotcha?

One of theirs drives drunk, one of ours has a sex scandal... and what's the end game, Rob?


Rob K said...

My, my, seems I touched a nerve here.

I'm curious, my little anonymouses (anonymoui?), were you similarly outraged when Classy Vito used Osama bin Laden's image to attack his opponent?

Funny how no one here is mentioning that, even though I very kindly provided you with the link to the story.

Why, you didn't even thank me!

Here it is again. I suggest you read it.

Do you think linking your opponent to the man who masterminded the 9/11 attacks is taking the high road?

I wish Mr. Fossella had taken the high ground that day and refrained from launching such a disgusting campaign.

If you want to know where my anger comes from, there's your answer. Why aren't you angry about this?

Oh, and dear friends, here's another little tidbit from today's Daily News.

It seems a woman who is not Vito's wife got him out of the joint.

The woman in question lives just three miles from the spot where Vito was pulled over on his way to see his sick daughter--uh, I mean,--visit friends, yeah, that's the ticket,
he was going visit friends, yeah, yeah...

This story just keeps getting classier and classier...

And that's my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Here's the real cut and dry bullshit point of this whole media hysteria:

Vito should be criticized for sponsoring the joint Neo-con/Zionist/Whahabbi war in Iraq, but instead since that's not P.C., people are going after him for this drunk driving thing.

In all honesty, Vito's support for the war in Iraq at the bequest of Zionists and Saudis and Neo-cons far outweighs his criminal drinking and driving.

If the Daily News was honest and had balls, it would have put him on the front page for selling this country out to those interests a few years ago (as well as Clinton, etc.). Instead, they go after him for this sophomoric bullshit that pales in comparison to anything that the American Enterprise Institute has engineered over the past 5 years plus.

As a human being, a husband, a father, and someone who I know from our district - my heart goes out to Vito like you wouldn't believe.

But for the media to capitalize upon this minor infraction on an off-news day just to sell papers, and for miserable, chemically-induced partisan hacks to beat the drum on this as if it was the "be all and end all" without ever digging deeper into the Neo-con/Zionist/Whahabbi issues, is plain simply: intellectually dishonest.

Shame on anyone who crucifies this man for the wrong reason - especially since you've had plenty of good ones to work with, you ball-less shills.

I hope Vito makes it through this episode, just to spite you all.