Thursday, May 8, 2008


For the love of god, what is going on with NY politicians?

Vito Fossella, who was picked up the other night for drunk driving, issued a statement today that he had an affair with the woman who sprung him from the pokey.
I have had a relationship with Laura Fay, with whom I have a three-year-old daughter.
WHAT!? Hello bombshell. Vito, you got some 'splainin to do.

Vito got married in 1990, so a 3-year old daughter -- yep -- that happened while he was married. In fact, Vino "attended a confirmation ceremony for his oldest child at St. Clare’s Roman Catholic Church." Wow.

Another political career down the toilet.


Bay Ridge Convert said...

Must have been a "youthfull indiscretion".

Anonymous said...

Scary that Fay had been unfaithful in two marriages, and managed to destroy someone else's.

Then Fay ends up with a bigshot intelligence position at the Pentagon.

What does it say when a person who would betray her husbands is entrusted with being loyal to her country?

No wonder the Pentagon generated false intelligence to lead us into war in Iraq.

If a Pentagon intelligence officer would fuck over her own spouse, should the American people have expected any better?

Anonymous said...

Adultery is a crime according to the Military Code of Justice. Fay should have been dishonorably discharged a long time ago.

If the government through the patriot act will jeopardize the rights of native born American citizens on mere suspicions, but will not clean house when its own soldiers blatantly break the law, then you know fascism has arrive in America.

Anonymous said...

So this homewrecking whore, Laura Fey, worked as an intelligence officer in the Pentagon.

But now she says she had no idea that Vito, a Congressman who sired her child, was still married.

No wonder the Pentagon came up with all that bogus intelligence to lead us unnecessarily into war in Iraq if they got idiots like her at the helm.

God help this country.