Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Willie Randolph was fired by the NY Mets today. Bench coach Jerry Manuel will replace him.


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Anonymous said...

Willie may not have been the best personality to skipper that ball club, but the way they did it was totally classless.

Wilpon handed Randolph a mess, and when he couldn't clean it up fast enough - they decided to get rid of him. Shame on the Mets front office.

It becomes increasingly clear that Minaya is not the capable general manager everyone hoped he was when brought on board 4 years ago.

He loves high-salary, high-risk trades with players whose best years are behind them, while content to sacrifice good middle relief for flashy starters.

Well Omar, one guy every 5 starts ain't gonna win you a championship.

I wish Willie the best tho... and if I were Wilpon I'd be on the first plane to Japan to see what Bobby V's up to.