Saturday, October 4, 2008


Okay, so Sarah got Gen. David McKiernan confused with Gen. George McClellan . It could happen to anyone. Gen. David McKiernan is the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Gen. George McClellan was general-in-chief of the Union Army during the Civil War. Common mistake, especially for someone running for Vice-President of the United States.

This is Gen. McClellan

Sarah adamantly states that McClellan (she meant McKiernan) said the surge would work in Afghanistan. What she meant to say was that
he stated emphatically that no Iraq-style “surge” of forces will end the conflict there.

“The word I don't use for Afghanistan is 'surge,' ” McKiernan emphasized.
Again, another common mistake for a regular six-pack drinking soccer mom to make while running for the office of Vice-President.

And boy, does she talk fast! She talks so she must know what she's talking about.

She's a regular foreign affairs expert. I suppose she can see Afghanistan from Alaska as well.

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