Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A new CNN poll says that 75% of Americans are angry, scared and stressed out. That's quite the triumvirate. Angry, scared and stressed out.
Prior to 2008, we have seen that level of dissatisfaction only three times in the past four decades -- during Watergate, the Iranian hostage crisis and the recession of 1992.
Now remind me again, who was President in 1992?


Dan said...

Considering the fact that half Americans are convinced we are poised to vote in either a terrorist to office, or the other half suggesting that it will be a man that will perpetuate warfare for a hundred years and be succeeded when he dies by a woman that will strike science from our public schools and speed this democracy faster toward an idiocracy… I’d say we are in a bit of a conundrum…

Rob K said...

We've had a gang of terrorists in office for the last 8 years.