Thursday, October 30, 2008


The hits keep coming from that little Alaskan Maverick. Today Sarah Palin warned her supporters that if the Democrats get control of the White House and Congress, federal spending will spiral out of control. "
If big government spenders have control of the House and Senate and -- God forbid -- the White House, they're going to have a monopoly of power that goes unchecked in Washington."

"I'm afraid it will put America on a path that will erode the strength that makes this country great."
No Sarah, that was your party that did that. Does a Republican controlled White House and Congress ring a bell? Last 8 years? Hmm?


Rob K said...

Maybe it's not memory loss. Perhaps she's just an idiot...

Anonymous said...

As E-Day draws nigh, McPalin & Co hurl a new crazed attack every day/hour/minute.
The aim isn't to make sense, but to plant scary "Other" images in voters' subconscious ... and come up with 101 ways to say "HE'S BLACK!" without saying "he's black."

Anonymous said...

palin proves day after day after day that she is clueless and out of her leaque !