Monday, November 3, 2008


Here's an unfortunate story. This security guard, who is just getting by, is campaigning for McCain because she says she can't afford to "spread her wealth."

Will someone please tell her that her taxes will go down with Obama, not up!

McCain and Palin have seized upon the "spread the wealth" comment and are spreading lies about Obama's tax plan.


Anonymous said...

You see, Lefty, this is what you and your liberal buddies don't understand.

Ok, so my taxes may not go up under Obama's plan (That you actually believe ANYTHING either of the candidates are saying is a whole other issue).

But, responsible people shouldn't only vote for how a candidate will affect their tax return this year, but on how the candidate will shape and shift American society, in the long run.

You cannot argue that Obama has been raised and has spent significant time with Socialists and Marxists. Disagree with me? Well, he said it not me (read Obamas books).

So, just because my taxes wont go up this year, I am supposed to vote for him? No. Its PRINCIPLE. We work hard for our money, and no one, I repeat, NO ONE, has the right to tell me it should be "redistributed".

Should we pay taxes? Yes. Its absolutely necessary to have our great country run. But to think that because my family and I have went to school, studied and worked hard for what we have, we will have that eventually redistributed to the lazy people... no sir. not on my watch.

This is what you get when you vote because a guy has catchy slogans. You begin to lose long term vision.

Now, I'm not saying that McCain is the best candidate for the presidency. Long way away, but Obama has CLEARLY said that he wants to redistribute the wealth on numerous occasions. Whether you are a multi-millionaire or a minimum wage earner, if you had any self-respect, you would feel thats wrong.

But what do liberals know about self-respect? They want the gov't to hand them everything for nothing.

Mark said...

Damn straight, anon! If Obama wins, me and my liberal buddies are going to be lining up on Pennsylvania Ave for those government handouts. And they better provide chairs for us early birds.

Anonymous said...

Ahh... the usual "Respond with a silly comment when anyone points out obvious flaws within the liberal agenda"

Very smart..

Mark said...

Silly!? Perhaps you didn't read the comment I was responding to. Now that's silly.

Mark said...

And here's an even sillier response:

What’s silly is an assumption that Obama is going to bait and switch the entire country and turn it into a socialist one. What’s silly is not believing that the checks and balances of our government would allow such a thing to happen. What’s silly is thinking that Congress doesn’t have to vote and approve new tax laws. What’s silly is thinking that we don’t already redistribute the wealth. What’s silly is thinking that people who don’t make a lot of money are lazy. What’s silly is clinging to a portion of a sentence from a book without acknowledging the entire sentence: Obama said he sought out Marxist professors for friends, but he also included punk-rock performance poets, Chicanos, and many others. What’s silly is a ridiculous belief that all liberals have no self-respect and want government handouts. What's silly is why Richard Martin hasn't gotten more media time.

But what’s really silly is reading this blog. My god, read another blog. This one is the worst.