Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My wife just got back from a business trip to Dallas. On her ride from the airport to the hotel, her cab driver was telling her how crooked the state is. He voted early and when he tried to vote straight Democratic party, his votes flipped to the Republican party. He tried it several times, each time getting the same response. He reported it to an election official who came over and hit the machine. Sort of like hitting your old TV.

Then I saw this:
A report in the El Paso Times newspaper Friday said that early voters in at least eight Texas counties are telling election officials that e-voting machines are initially switching their votes to the wrong candidates.

Voters have reported, for example, that when they tried to vote a straight-party Democratic ticket, the machine flipped their choices to Republican candidates instead.
But El Paso County Elections Administrator Javier Chacon will have none of it.
Chacon told the newspaper that "the intensity of the election may be spurring conspiracy suspicions in some voters."
The cabbie also told my wife that his college-aged son was denied the chance to vote, even though the son was a registered voter. The son's friend had the same problem. However the friend's father and grandfather are lawyers and they marched down to the polling place and got it settled, Texas-Style, I'm sure.

Ah Texas, the wrong star state.

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