Tuesday, February 17, 2009


In these trying economic times, every little cost-cutting tip is golden. So here's my tip of the day:


Here's how it works:
  1. Join ebates.com (it's free)
  2. Sign into ebates.com.
  3. Shop over 1000 stores from the ebates.com site (Target, Old Navy, Nordstrom's, etc)
  4. Save money on your purchase.
  5. Ebates.com sends you the money you saved.
I recently got back about $100. I'm not going to become a millionaire from it but every little bit helps.


Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for my big fat check since feb. 15th. i sent emails to ebates (2) and have received no response. is there a secret to get that big fat check once you shop on the site?

Mark said...

They send out big fat checks about 4 times a year. Not after every time you shop. I just got mine. It goes right to my paypal account. Is your ebates account up-to-date?