Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Bobby Jindal go home, please.

Governor Bobby Jindal is a smart man. He has a master's degree from Oxford where he was a Rhodes Scholar for crying out loud. And he is...or was...a fresh face for the Republican Party. But boy oh boy did he stink it up last night in his response to President Obama's joint session speech.

Following Obama is a tough act to start with, but Jindal was exceptionally bad. One Republican likened it to the Rolling Stones opening for Air Supply.

If Jindal is the rising star of the Republican Party, the GOP is in trouble. I felt he was condescending and spouting out the same old tired message. And he got a lot of his facts wrong.

And to top it off, he's opposed to the stimulus package (which may or may or not work. I'm sure hoping it works. We need something to work), but he's going to take most of the money. So he's a hypocrite as well.



Rob K said...

Chuck Schumer has the best approach for grandstanding GOPricks like Jindal: take all the stimulus money or you get none of it--no picking and choosing.

Moniter that, Bobby boy.

Anonymous said...

That speech was so funny it was almost embarrassing. It was like nursey school story time with your friend Bobby Jindal! Plus it didn't help that he sounded exactly like Kenneth from 30 Rock.