Thursday, February 12, 2009


On my way to my daily workout at Dunkin' Donuts (the one on 87th and 4th, not the rodent run, cold food not at the correct temperature one at 71st and 3rd) I saw a small army of Zip Car employees promoting their new place on 4th Ave. between 92nd and 93rd. According to the Zip Car website, there are only 2 cars at the Bay Ridge location (a Civic and a Scion). The base rate for both cars is $11/hour or $77/day. Hopefully more cars will be coming soon. Come on Mini Cooper!


Eric the BeehiveHairdresser said...

This is great news!

David Lind said...

Very cool Bay Ridge music video:

Anonymous said...

New Dunkin Donuts is opening at the old Dimitri Real Estate (corner of 3rd and 89th I want to say).