Sunday, March 29, 2009


A recent study was done on out how surnames in Great Britain have changed from 1881 until now.

The top five names, Smith, Jones, Williams, Brown, Taylor and Davies, have not changed in 127 years, and have not changed in order.

But I'm saddened to report some names have all but disappeared.
  • The name Cock has been clipped from 3,211 in 1881 to 785 today.
  • Balls shriveled from 2,904 to 1,299.
  • Deaths were killed from 1,133 to 60.
  • People named Smellie decreased by 70 percent.
  • Dafts by 51 percent.
  • Gotobeds by 42 percent.
  • Shufflebottoms by 40 percent.
  • And sadly, Cockshotts by 34 percent.
I wonder if there are more Cocks or Cockshotts in England?

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