Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sen. Arlen Specter (R - PA) has broken up with the Republican Party and is now going steady with the Democratic Party.

Citing that
"since my election in 1980, as part of the Reagan Big Tent, the Republican Party has moved far to the right,"
Sen. Arlen Specter, now (D - PA), could give the Democrats the much ballyhooed "filibuster-proof Senate majority of 60 seats" if Al Franken ever officially wins Minnesota.

When asked to comment, the Republican Party just said it was throwing out all of Specter's cds and giving back his comfy denim shirt.


Masked Avenger said...

Specter is a traitor, with absolutely no principals. He only moved parties so he could win a primary.

That being said, he absolutely belongs in the Democrat Party. No values, no morals and will flip flop all day long.

Good riddance.

Rob K said...

Don't cry, Masky. You guys still have Michelle Bachman.

The Phantom said...

As someone said on the radio, the Republicans are sorry to lose him, and the Dems will be sorry to have him.

Rob K said...

Just as long as we don't get Limbaugh.