Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've received a lot of emails and comments about the last post. Some people are sad to see the blog end, some are overjoyed.

When I started this blog I didn't think I'd get one reader. I was wrong. I had two readers...and thankfully one of them liked to use various aliases so it looked like I had more readers than I did. Thanks Joe.

I may come back to Left in Bay Ridge at some point. But right now life and new interests are taking me in a different direction.

Thanks again, everyone. I wish you all health and happiness.



Anonymous said...

Too bad you're going, your blog was a nice diversion. I guess all we're left with is the racist Bay Ridge Journal, with gems like: "Any day now, I expect to see another gang of immigrant day laborers with sledge hammers ... as I pass by the site on my way to the subway."

No doubt the post will be edited when the blog administrator reads this comment.

Mark said...

Ah yes. How PC.

The Phantom said...

Your blog was good. I'd invite you to reconsider at leisure. Even a post once a month would be fine.

I don't want to be the last one standing at Bay Ridge Blog.

There is room for many more voices.

Mark said...

Phantom, I shall sleep on that idea.

And did you see the Mets/Yanks tonight? Oy.

Anonymous said...

Before you leave us, can you once and for all admit you were indeed The Rover? Your loyal readers deserve closure.

The Phantom said...


Oh my God. What an ending. Castillo was crying.

I hope that the Mets bounce back. And that the players are told that they must always run hard, something that the Mets stopped doing consistently in the Valentine/Timo Perez era

Bereft in Bay Ridge said...

First Rover went; now Left in Bay Ridge.

And as Anonymous says, forget about Bay Ridge Journal. I don't even know why that thing exists -- between its weird "attitude," grab-bag retreads of old news, and periodic forays into disinformation (which killed any credibility it had eons ago).

Bereft in Bay Ridge said...

PS -- Yes, and amazingly, Bay Ridge Journal is still sawing away obsessively at that Church topic.
But BRJ is strange anyway -- very static, with input from just one person, who's also VERY careful to be as sphinxlike and 'removed' as possible. Result = as interesting as a laundry list.