Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I've recently learned that my future true love, Melisa Christian, may be married. I haven't confirmed this yet but back when she was 23, and at the height of her bodybuilding career, she had a fiance.

My guess is he was also a bodybuilder. They tend to attract each other and for good reason. They bulk up so much that they create a gravitational pull and they have to be together. They have no choice.

But I don't know if she married him or if she did, whether she's still married to him. My guess is she's not because since she has become a toneless porker, I think she's been able to break free of his gravitational pull.

And also because she's now a runner. She's either running away from him and her bodybuilding past, or running towards me and a life of obsessiveness, subpoenas and wedded bliss.

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The Ramster said...

if i recall correctly she was not wearing a rung when i saw her in august