Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So here's yet another update about the death of Paul Mento.

As you may know by now, Paul Mento was found dead the at the Best Western Gregory hotel. It was initially reported (here at Left in Bay Ridge as well) that he was found duct taped to a chair. This evidently is false. Then it was reported (here as well) that he was found in the bathtub with duct tape over his mouth. This is evidently false as well. Police said they were investigating the death as "suspicious." Um, yeah, duct tape over the mouth and all.

Well, the latest is the police have ruled Paul Mento's death as a suicide. A WHAT!? That's right, a suicide. According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle -
The Medical Examiners Office determined that it was in fact a suicide, and that Mento died through asphyxiation caused by the duct tape.
Police found no blood, no trauma, no signs of struggle, no drugs and no alcohol. “Not a piece of furniture was touched,” according to a police source.
No word yet on whether there was a suicide note.

But one thing is certain, for all your banquet and murder needs in Brooklyn, the Best Western (Gre)Gory Hotel is your best bet.

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