Monday, February 25, 2008


Richard Martin, the Ridge's nut-job racist superintendent, has added "hypocrite" to his title. Seems the uncouth toothless boob was caught throwing his dog's poo into the street. This from the guy who has called the tenants in his building "retarded" and "stupid" because he feels they don't know how to properly use a garbage can. Seems Dick doesn't know how, either.
"You caught me, I take the dog doo-doo and I just toss it in the street," said Martin, 71, after the Daily News busted him throwing his dog's waste on the street in front of his 278 91st St. building.
So why does this Dick feel he can give his tenants shit while flinging his dog's poo?
"I may be a hypocrite, but I'm going to be 72 in five months so I just don't really give a [expletive]," Martin told The News. "See, I guess I'm not the cleanest person, either, but at least I don't leave cardboard out in the rain like my disgusting tenants.
That's right - because he's old. That's his reasoning. Dick is a crazy old [expletive] so the laws don't apply to him.

Wet cardboard on the sidewalk...? How revolting! Fresh poo in the street...? The 'merican way.

Dick, your poo stinks and so do you. Go fling your poo somewhere else.

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