Monday, February 11, 2008


Today was a banner day for court drama fans. Bobby Cutts, the ex-police officer accused of killing his 9-month pregnant girlfriend, took the stand today, and in a complete change of plans, admitted to killing her.

But Cutts says it was an accident.

Yeah, right.

His testimony is so full of holes, only the Pope is holier. He didn't call 911 because he couldn't turn on his girlfriend's cellphone and he forgot his was in his truck. I'm surprise he didn't say he forgot the number. He got rid of the body because he didn't want his 2 year old son to see his mommy dead. He was all about protecting his son but then left him alone for how many days? After he dumped the body he washed his truck because there were a lot of bugs on it. Really!? It goes on and on. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney are in court this week, hammering out the financial details of their divorce.

Mills lost her leg in 1993 and evidently has lost her mind because she fired her lawyers and is representing herself. Nice move. Rumor is that Sir Paul offered her $50 million but the One-Legged Gold-Digger, who was accompanied by her make-up artist, wants twice that amount.

And now there's a claim that the gimpy ex-hooker had a six-month affair with the porn star name sounding Tim Steel while she was dating Sir Paul. And what an affair! Steel claims the Hobble Whore was
"insatiable, she demanded sex six times a night."
Steel also said the Totter tart
"went wild with pleasure when he massaged her amputated limb."

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