Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Since there have been a few comments here about the schools in Bay Ridge, I thought I'd post part of a post from January.

It feels as if developers are coming in here with no regard for the community, for the aesthetics of the community, or for the community's infrastructure. We're being lied to and trampled on. I think the Green Church is a culmination of a lot of issues.
There have been a few comments posted here about the schools in Bay Ridge, so I thought I'd post part of an earlier post from January.

If The Ridge adds -- or what it feels like to me -- if The Ridge has thrust upon them fifty condos in place of the Church and a seven-story condo complex in place of a funeral home, who's going to come in and build new schools? Our schools are already overcrowded -
P.S. 170 Lexington School - overcrowded, so four classes are housed in trailers
P.S. 104 Fort Hamilton School - Unfortunately, the school grapples with overcrowding. Kindergarten classes, unable to fit into the main school, take place in a district building five blocks away. And middle school classrooms are too cramped to hold comfortably the 30 or so kids in each class.
P.S. 185 Walter Kassenbrock School - The school is overcrowded, with more than 700 children in a building designed for 500.
Who's going to come in and alleviate the new traffic problems? The new parking problems?

The list goes on and on.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right Lefty. And since you probably don't commute into Manhattan on a regular basis, you have not added the transportation issues. People wait over 1 hour in Manhattan at night for the privilege of paying $5 and standing on an express bus home. With regard to parking, I've lived in Bay Ridge for over 20 years and people are allowed to make curb cuts in front of their house to create their own parking spaces. Gentile has just now introduced legislation although this takes away parking from everyone and has for 20 years and while Marty was our councilmember. Our local "legislators" are a joke. They are too busy with photo ops to effect any real change.

Anonymous said...

Actually, our local legislators aren't a joke at all. Granted, they might not be as "pro-active" as they could or should, but I don't think it's fair to attack them for doing what the community continuously endorses them to do by voting them in again and again.

These guys got it figured out. Blame stupid voters, not Gentile and Golden.

Otherwise, go run against them yourself.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that the community has made unwise choices based on "popularity" while voting, I was not a part of the majority that elected either of these representatives to their current positions. However, my tax dollars do pay their salaries and as part of their constituency I will demand representation from them as is my right. And I'm not just complaining on this post, I have been in contact with both of them regarding the issues I see as important to the quality of life in Bay Ridge. And I have not been satisfied by their answers or actions. While ignorant voters may have put them into these jobs, it is their responsibility to actually do these jobs once elected.

Anonymous said...

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Mark said...

"I have been in contact with both of them regarding the issues I see as important to the quality of life in Bay Ridge. And I have not been satisfied by their answers or actions."

I'd love to know what the issues were and what they're answers were.

Bay said...

You forgot to mention Ft Hamilton High School which tops them all for overcrowding.