Thursday, March 6, 2008


Oh Dick, Dick, Dick. Richard Martin, the Ridge's wackiest superintendent, is back in the news. In an article in today's Daily News (written by the Ridge's own Matthew Lysiak) Richard -
has gone from Brooklyn's crankiest super to Oscar the Grouch.
Dick has now moved nine garbage cans into the lobby to teach his tenants a lesson.
"If they want to live like trash, now they can live with trash."
For those of you who don't know, Dick has been in a war with the tenants of the building for about a year. He doesn't like them and has been leaving up signs calling them "retarded" and "stupid." (For the complete sign anthology, click here.) He thinks they're dirty.
"Maybe now that these slobs are swimming in their own trash, they won't just throw it all over the place."
Dick isn't worried about getting fined because the landlord pays the fines and evidently he lives in Syria.

And Dick is also a hypocrite because he was caught throwing his dog's poo into the street. Does he care? No.

Dick, you're not Oscar the Grouch. You're an a**hole. There's no accountability with the building and there's no accountability with your life. You do what you want and don't care what others think.

I say the tenants should withhold paying the rent until this jerk treats them with respect.

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