Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here's the info for the Committee to Save the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church Rally. The New Orleans Funeral idea has been scrapped.

Personally, I would have gone with an Ides of March idea. It's the 15th, you know. Have someone dress up like Caesar but with "Bay Ridge Community" written on him and and someone else dress up like Brutus but look like Emerick. Then spend the whole rally watching Emerick stab the community in the back. But that's probably way too mean.

And for anyone looking to contact the Preservationists, their email is savethegreenchurch@yahoo.com.


Anonymous said...

can't believe it took them all this time to learn how to put a flyer together.

why do they have to rely on your blog to do PR for this three ring circus, anyway?

no one could pony up the 19.95 for GoDaddy.com to register a domain?

more day late dollar short stunts

Anonymous said...

Their p.r. always makes the church look & seem far better than it ever did -- but this flyer graphic is UNBELIEVABLE. It makes the poor ol' wreck-of-a-church look like Snow White's Castle, if it were in Oz.
Or it's like a kiddie-theatre backdrop, not like a house of worship - but maybe that's, uh, the whole point?
If this trend holds, we can expect future graphics to present it as a "My Little Golden Book" version of Versailles.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought the orange sky, white church, and green foreground were in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Which would be odd, since St. Patrick wasn't a Methodist.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said... 'Which would be odd, since St. Patrick wasn't a Methodist.'"

I get the impression that many of the "churchsavers" aren't awfully familiar with Methodism or its organization, anyway. They discuss this church as if it were a Catholic parish (where only the pastor and bishop/cardinal has real legal say) in a wealthy diocese, or an independent church w/no larger ties. They don't seem to get that the people are the legal authority, congregational votes are rarely unanimous (which doesn't invalidate them!), the Methodists aren't high-rollin' empire-builders, and neither the regional org. nor the pastor can, or would want to, buy Porsches with the $$$.