Monday, March 10, 2008


Nearly faster than you can say "criminal coitus," NY may have a new governor by tonight.
Eliot Spitzer’s resignation appears imminent, according to sources, who say Lt. Gov. David Paterson could be sworn in as governor as early as this evening.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for his wife (who is pretty hot) and his kids, but this might be a blessing for NY.

Spitzer has proven to be one of the worst governors in NY history. This is just the icing on the cake.

Mark said...

Yeah, it's pretty humiliating for his wife and kids.

Anonymous said...

Dude, why does your British friend who doesn't allow anonymous comments say that Spitzer "ran" the prostitution ring?

Wasn't he just a client? Or does MI5 know something the US media doesn't?

Mark said...


MI5 had faulty intelligence. I called the Brit's batphone. His post has been corrected.


The Phantom said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Mark said...


Yeah, Wall Street is celebrating tonight!

The Phantom said...

Not just Wall Street. Other financial industries, too.

This guy destroyed many lives ( see my post ), and unnecessarily so.

I can only imagine what its like in this guys apartment tonight. Global cooling, times a billion.

Mark said...

yeah, the morbid side of me wants to be a fly on the wall in there tonight.

Cruel But Fair said...

If Wall Street is 'celebrating'? Gee, too bad it is not with the any righteousness. What are they jubilant over, the downfall of someone who legitimately showed them as the frauds they are?

What they should really be crowing over is the downfall of someone who was actually a threat to New York's economy. In that case their display of jeers would be to their credit.

But unfortunately, that threat is THEM, not Spitzer. Spitzer merely caught some of the worst Wall Street scum with their hands in the till.

Cheap wretches that they are, they think they look any better because of his fall? Think again.

--Cruel But Fair

p.s. And yeah it is Spitzer's wife who is the real victim here. . god damn!

The Phantom said...

Spitzer hit the "little people" in the financial industry with far greater cruelty than he hit any of the big guys

His cruelty was gratuitous and it was unnecessary. That's why there is much spontaneous jubilation.