Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Restaurants in LA have to display their inspection grade. "A" is great, "B" is usually okay, "C" is only if every restaurant is closed will I eat there, and "D" is no thanks, I'll gnaw on my arm.

Here in NYC you have to do a little sleuthing. I was looking at restaurant inspections NYC Every Block and came upon a few spots here in the Ridge.

Gino's. I love Gino's. They had 5 violations during an inspection this month.
  1. Non-food contact surface improperly constructed
    1. okay not so bad.
  2. Improper use of utensil
    1. Eh, depends on what they were using it for.
  3. Inadequate garbage handling
    1. Who hasn't mishandled garbage?
  4. Not vermin-proof
    1. Uh oh.
  5. Mice
    1. Eek
In Gino's defense, there has been a ton of construction next door, and who wouldn't want to eat at Gino's?

But Hunter's Steak and Ale House -- hoo boy. I've never eaten there and am not sure I ever will. Ten violations from the May 12th inspection.
Inadequate lighting - bulb
hardly constitutes a violation. However --
  1. Improper thawing
  2. Improper use of pesticide
  3. Not vermin-proof
  4. Flying insects
  5. Roaches
  6. No Food Protection Certificate
That may keep me away. At least until the next inspection.

Happy dining.

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Gotham City Insider said...

Yikes! Ginos!

I ate at Vesuvio on Monday afternoon. Love me some Vesuvio. Apparently this time my man in the back must have forgotten to wash his hands before handling my salad because I had Vesuvio's Revenge a few hours later. Bad.

What did it say about them I wonder?

1 violation: Guatemalan sous-chef fails to wipe & wash and then prepares raspberry vinaigrette?