Thursday, September 11, 2008


If Teyve, from Fiddler on the Roof, married a hot flamenco dancer from Mongolia, and they had the reception at The Raven Saloon in Patan, Nepal (the bar where Karen Allen works in Raiders of the Lost Ark), and they wanted a rip-roaring band to bring the roof down, that band would be Kagero.

I went to Circles Canteena last night (a Mexican restaurant that inexplicably promotes Lentos Pizza) to see Kagero play as part of the Canteena's new Live Original Music every Wednesday night series. The band was tremendous, the margaritas were wonderful, and the owner, Pierre, couldn't have been more welcoming.

Kagero's music is hard to classify but who cares. With just an acoustic guitar, a violin, and an electric bass, Kagero creates a very full sound. But I'll tell you, I would love to hear them play with the Chieftains. That would be a rocking record.

As for Canteena's, I loved it. Pierre is so welcoming, he becomes an instant friend.

So hie thee to Circle's Canteena on 80th and 5th and check out Kagero. You won't be sorry.


Subway Hooker said...

how long is their run at Canteena's? Sounds like a fun night out in the culturally-challenged ridge...

Rob said...

Hey There, thanks for the interest. We don't have another show booked at Canteena's right now, but we will be playing the 3rd Ave Street fair on Sept 28th. Should be around 2pm. Not quite sure of the location, but check for specifics.

Rob Simpson, Manager